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Combination Collars

These collars combine the durability of the knot with the safety of the buckle.
Each set will come with a newborn sized collar as well as a regular collar. This should take most puppies from birth to 8 weeks of age.
The newborn collar does not include a buckle.
These collars will span a total size of approximately 10cm - 36cm (4" - 14").

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PLEASE NOTE: These collars are in no way foolproof when it comes to safety. The selected buckles should make these collars a safer alternative to other options concerning strangulation, however it is strongly encouraged you carefully monitor puppies while they are wearing them.
When using the newborn collars, or if you have chosen the knotted variety without a buckle, be advised that they are designed not to come off when pulled on or caught. These can pose a greater risk.
Puppies are just like babies/toddlers and require near constant supervision. Much like their human counterparts, they enjoy chewing and swallowing anything within their reach.
If your puppies are continually chewing on each others collars, we recommend you discontinue their use immediately.

Always check collars daily and adjust their size as necessary.
Puppies grow very quickly!

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